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I take it that the CDC did not read two articles today, one in the "Wall Street Journal" describing the record number of people turning 65 this year (even more next year) and the "World Socialist Web Site" relaying a study that a COVID infection can double the chance for an over 60 year old recipient contracting New Order Dementia (NOD).

To heap on the lamentable lack of exhortation to wear a respirator, RSV and influenza infections also raise the risk of over 60's contracting NOD.

Since I am hurtling to 71 these studies catch my attention.

And for the unjust burden that a quarantine places upon essential workers, read underpaid, well a universal basic income would alleviate that 'problem'.

The real problem is this unspoken one: A COVID infection can influence your judgement. We lucky duckies are seeing this play out in spades.

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this is just shameful. the article only mentions masking as an afterthought. capitalism eugenics exactly. and as i always say “where is the health in public health?” shocked that Osterholm agreed!! American selfishness

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As a disabled person this is pretty terrifying. I mean I already act as if everyone has Covid out there when I go out in public but it’s terrifying that our government seems determined to make as many newly disabled people as possible. Is this so the general public will start demanding work camps? They’ll start to blame the sick people for why everything is so expensive, because nobody wants to work. They’re making homelessness a crime, so they can put those people in for profits prison and send them off to work at Tyson factories for a dollar a day.

This is just so they can have fascism and work camps this is to get the few Ableds who are left to go along with it

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Excellent summation of the actual situation from the policy perspective.

One added perspective. For the public health experts, agencies leaders and staff, and the licensed professionals that remain silent and fail to express opposition and outrage, this is even more egregious.

Failures of this magnitude are unconscionable. They are moral failures. They are ethical failures. And for many they may be legal failures to support their oaths, licenses, duties and responsibilities.

This combine with the massive failure and corruption of our legal systems in this age of MAGA.

All of this is expected at the end of empire. And perhaps that is where we really are, and what we are really seeing - the beginning of the end of America and the collapse into something else.

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Profits are healthier than the people

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It seems to be based off the overly optimistic idea that people would stay home when they were sick, so the only sick people out circulating in society would be asymptomatic people. But we all know that that’s not how it actually worked out.

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