I think about this a lot, along with the smoky room experiment - in which people would notice and immediately leave a room filling with smoke when alone, but would notice and stay silent, second-guessing themselves if other people (actors) present didn’t notice the smoke or move. There’s so much passive groupthink happening right now.

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I remember attending a political rally featuring a speech by then President Reagan on behalf of a senatorial candidate. (A friend was a wealthy donor who gifted me a VIP ticket.) It was a work day and the attendance was sparse. But the television cameras were set in locations to magnify the apparent attendees. What later was shown on TV, aside from yours truly expressing a favorable view of this candidate's opponent (the reporter though she had nailed a wayward Republican) was a seemingly crowded hall.

I wrote the above as a round about way of agreeing completely with the thesis that the greater us is led by the nose by a very few.

I think that massive protests need to take place and that the media needs to be forced to recognize them. Cancelling subscriptions with a letter that explains your tiring of popular policies being uncovered and dismissed is bound to register, if there are vast numbers of them.

Protests at speaking events which get recorded by those attending and disseminated through alternative means can be a start to converting politician's hearts and minds. Signage, boos and proof of vast empty seats can help change discourse.

As Red Green would say, "Remember, we're all in this together!"

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