Your citation for aging caused by COVID is correct.

It is one of at least three mechanisms - epigenetic methylation. And it costs on average about 7 years of biological age per infection. So yes, avoiding this damnable virus is the single greatest life extension thing we all can do.

There is more.

The first observed impacts on aging are the cognitive decline from long COVID and the related organ damage. These are caused by the toxicity of the spike protein. Surgeons have noted repeated that patients who have had COVID look like they have organs that are far older than their chronological ages. Scientific studies suggest that this is the equivalent of about 10 years of biological aging per infection. And they are additive.

So again, the best thing to do to maximize life span is to never get infected. The second best thing to do is to never get infected AGAIN.

But it so much worse. The third and largest impact on accelerated againg by infection woth SARS-CoV-2 comes from truncation of the telomeres which cap our chromosomes. The length of our telomeres is inversely correlated to biological age. Our telomeres are longest as fetuses. With every cell division they shorten. It is a sort of countdown clock to death.

The length of our telomeres affects the function of our genes. It is one of the programmed mechanisms that controls age related changes. And when the tears become too short, during cell division chromosomes tend to cross-link and the end. When this happens our bodies identify the cells as defective and orders them to die. This is the wasting at end of life.

This study is the sentinel study that correlated the length of tears Covid infection.


what it suggests or shows, albeit with a small data set, is that there is a direct linear correlation between biological age and infection with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID), and changes in biological age.

However, this correlation does not intercept to zero. it just strongly that the worst impact is to the youngest members of the population. If this correlation is correct which it appears to be it implies that an infant infected and recovered from COVID becomes biologically 36 years old. This aging impact becomes less with increasing biological age.

There is no reason to believe or suspect of this correlation is to chronological age. Rather each infection and recovery increases the biological age, and that new biological age then becomes the basis for correlation with the next infection to the resulting biological age.

What this all means is that after three infections, no matter what age you start at, you are old, very very old. This has huge implications for individuals and more so for the population and society.

as we have had the pandemic ongoing for four years and most people have been infected at least 2 to 5 times, the impact of this aging is already locked into place. We now only await our bodies catching up to the aging impact which has already occurred. And then, to the impact on society at large. As you can imagine those will most probably be enormous.

And it appears that this is irreversible or largely irreversible. The harm has already been done.

However because our leaders and our experts so-called have decided to embark on a campaign of silence in order to get people back to work and shopping to "save the economy" we are continuing to accumulate even more damage which will further destroy society.

There is no solution to this problem, other than never being infected and never being infected again.

The next few years and decade will tell the tale. Do the genetic and epigenetic changes, and the biological damage to organs and brain truly correlate with age? We will soon know the answer to those questions.

I for one have chosen to be one of the survivors. How about you?

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I KNEW he would end up with LC after seeing video of him out mixing it up with huge crowds. We’ve seen so many athletes struck with LC. Him being obsessive about his health, I knew he’d notice it right away.

Too bad so sad.

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Feb 10Liked by Nate Bear

Spot on! Thank you.

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He rides a motorcycle and doesn't take Covid precautions. It's long been clear to me that his longevity plan was lacking in these regards.

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He is also vaxxed up. If the spike protein is the issue, it doesn’t matter if it is breathed or injected. Did his LC start after his vaccinations with Moderna starting around April 21 2021 per his Twitter?

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I am not a physiologist, but a past professional triathlete. I still train at very intense levels but my workouts are shorter in time and distance. My maximal oxygen uptake puts me, an almost 71 year old man in with those in their twenties in average. That's average, no way can I keep up with younger trained athletes. Too, aerobic fitness is just part of the picture. My healing prowess, recovery times and quality of rest have diminished with my age. But I'll take being a geezer in good shape!.

Taking fitness as a proxy for age, there is no way that a 15% reduction in vital capacity can be offset in regards to his aims of a longer lifespan unless he plans for a virtual existence bedridden with mechanical assistance. Some life that will be!

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Wow this is very interesting. I have a sort of hobby interest in the science of aging and from the little that I know it's hard to say how covid will impact us population wise, but the preliminary scientific results that are out there (as Sam Thomas correctly points out) are not encouraging. It's particularly damning to see how we are failing young people. There were covid grifters like Balloux going on about how kids should get infected over and over with this virus to create population-level immunity and meanwhile it seems that everyone, except a small minority of well informed individuals (who are now outcast as hysterical, or unable to move on) has come round to this view.

I've come to terms with the fact that I probably will become a lot less old than my grandparents (who both became in their 90s) and I've been thinking about this for a while. Obviously age had its challenges for them, but it was nice to see them live good, long fulfilling lives, with only the last few months very difficult for my grandma, and for my grandpa he was fine basically until he got pneumonia in 2013 and died very suddenly after just one day.

What do we miss out on, individually and as a society? Anyway, I wrote this piece https://helendecruz.substack.com/p/youve-got-to-live-your-life

and I also wrote a more technical piece on how paleoanthropology shows humans have managed to lengthen their lifespans by caring for older people, long before the advent of modern medicine, 30,000-100,000 years ago:


We should not strive for immortality. Death is not bad. It's good to make way for younger generations and see what they make of things. But it is nice to be able to become old. Natural aging is fine, helping people live longer by taking away things that kill us prematurely, like viruses, air pollution, warfare, car deaths, is I feel a moral duty. It's one we're badly failing.

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So this person reduced his sperm age from 57 to 42?

What impresses me more is how he reduced his maturity from that expected of an adult to that of the prepubescent.

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I just listened to a Swedish podcast with one of the Swedes based in California.

They discussed what Bloomberg recently called the „Introvert economy“: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2024-01-22/the-introverts-have-taken-over-the-us-economy

People go out to eat earlier and then they go home to play video games, stream and SLEEP.

Then they discussed that young people are obsessed with perceiving themselves as aging faster than older generations (of course the possibility of this actually being the case wasn’t discussed)


and that drinking alcohol is being replaced by weed and mushrooms.


Still not mentioning covid … but isn‘t it on the tip of their tongues? Or is this hopium on my side?

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He DID mention this a long time ago, I clearly remember it.

You just missed it.

I obviously don't have a link, but he clearly did mention it either on twitter or in some of his videos that he had covid and that if affected his lungs.

Also: the guy is almost a billionare, supplements can make you a millionare, but probably not a billionare, so why would he be in it for the money?

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Research his investments and you will soon figure out why he does not speak about COVID that much......

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I appreciate his honesty

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I don’t believe this man is only 46 years old. Look at his torso, he has that rectangular body that people get between middle-aged and elderly years. This man is definitely well into his 50s based on the shape of his torso. Bet.

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15% reduced lung capacity doesn’t necessarily equal long covid. A normal person without access to his level of medical care may not even be aware anything has changed.

If he is functionally the same as he was before COVID infection (which he seems to be) I wouldn’t say he has long covid.

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