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Great essay.

A UK psychiatrist and philosopher, Iain McGilchrist, posits in his book The Master and His Emissary that we as a society are experiencing right cerebral hemisphere deficits. These deficits lead to binary thinking (us vs. them), anosognosia (inability to understand when something is wrong and create confabulated explanations for facts - covid minimizers, eh?), apraxias where even in the absence of motor deficits actions cannot be completed, i.e. we know the solution but somehow just can't execute on it. And overall, an inability to see context, interconnection, or broad view.

Thanks for writing, I enjoy your work.

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Oh I think there is an issue. Why do we allow billionaires to exist? Why do we subscribe to a magic of markets ideology where the dice are loaded and the dealer deals from the bottom of the deck?

The entitlement of the few coupled with their conviction of infallibility and contempt for the welfare of mere us is the issue which much be addressed.

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