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Good post. I often wonder how we can keep sociopaths out of power - or for that matter, all who are power hungry. We have that power in a democracy for our elected representatives, at least, so why aren't more focused on that?

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This post was absolutely chilling. I had no idea of the history of infecting indigenous populations with smallpox and...well, it's devastating. Johnson's attitude and comments make so much more sense now - I agree that we need to start electing better politicians but I have no idea how we even start to dismantle the system that nurtures, supports and elevates them in the first place.

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Oh, wow. This takes my breath away! It resonates in the soul the way only the most devastating truth can do. What has been done, and what we continue to allow to be done in our name -- shameful is too soft a word for it.

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.. I’d like to get back to you.. connect & very soon..

.. we have ‘time’ - BUT - ‘the matter is astonishing in depravity’

The stem of it is Nate Bear (prior as well as this current lightning bolt)

I feel myself - in this exchange.. as if a branch seeking sunlight

& for now perceive you the same..

Will get back to Nate .. most important..

but I recognized a clue in your email addy

thought to look.. that’s why I’ve appeared here just now

I’m in Toronto.. this is about Canada..

& a contemporary coup d’état

There is another substack post here

that I’d like to pull into discussion

that Nate and/or yourself may wish to consider

but let’s start simple



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This is a powerful column. What a perceptive take you have on the world's current leaders. I shared a link to this article in a Mastodon post. I hope that many more find this article.

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Hi Nate - Stopped me in my tracks - Dead - Stop - Did not keep reading - Sat in the Dark

‘I had seen this ‘pattern’ or ‘this code’ - Like a ‘daylight deja view in the dark deja vu’

Needed to ‘let it come to me - or I’d never find it again’.. BANG - lighting - had it !

Like a portal opening - I commented re your Article to another of your Reader / Commenters this AM

who knows very well our current Issues & Situations / Contexts in Canada --- mmurren ? (spelling ?)

Am trying ‘to map’ your revelation over a contemporary coup d’état PLUS introduce a Secondary Article

I believe you may have read or very familiar with re Zorbing - which like your ‘report’ has no quit in it

The sheer depravity of what you describe re Infectious disease as weaponry is well known in Canada

as is eradicating species.. Thus roughly said.. may I say - ‘military may make war on any species ..

via Political Expedience or Direction.. or even On their own Initiative

meanwhile per the Premise / Analogy of Zorbing - a Person (or Unknowing Victim)

may respond to No Stimuli or Certain Stimuli .. etc etc

It’s suddenly occurred to me via happenstance (haha.. one hell of a stimuli in my book !)

That your Report & the Zorbing are in play together ..

& the sheer Veniality of Military or Governance or Adversarial Opposition - Political Party War Rooms

are exhibiting similar Behaviour Patterns.. Partisanship Depravity Reckless Omnipotence

This is way over my head.. WAY.. My Talent is cobbled together via Time On Planet / Experience

astonishing diversity of Work Experience - following Exemplars ... etc & Endless Experience

Is there Connection of Zorbing Passenger(s) as Electoral Constituents or Populace.. younger as well a la Religion

Being Bombarded 24/7 by Malignant Propaganda Deceit Misinformation (Hate ?) Divisive Psy Ops

akin to Systemic Poisoning of Popular Opinion.. to vanquish Opponents ?

In the 2011 Federal Canadian Election Stephen Harper’s Government attacked 243 Ridings via Live & RoboCalling

via a War Room run by Jenni Byrne et al. They we’re defeated in 2015 by current Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau

After successive Defeats.. current CPC now led by Pierre Poilievre was elected a leader & immediately began campaigning illegally

via some sort of unexplained Loophole 24/7 & possibly 75% of Mainstream Media now Partisan ‘conservative’ Owned

and is now projected by Daily Barrage of Popularity Polling to win An Election still TWO YEARS AWAY..

Are we witnessing a ‘Contemporary coup d’état’ ???


and THE PALACE is DeFacto YOURS !

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This is very good. A subject that I have written about many times over the last couple of years. May I add this to my que of headlines to read to people in my podcast today? The world should hear about this and I would like to do my part.

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Hi Terrance, of course you can. Thanks for reading

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