thinking several thoughts - thanks !

- will return to read - completely - more carefully - more coherent in how I do so - ie assembling my thoughts perspectives comparisons thereof

- believe your dissertation should be included in periodic Time Capsules.. self explanatory - why

There’s interesting ‘dynamic categories’ here in SubStackLand.. I may define you as ‘anchoring one’ ..

to ? Coherence ? Or better said - Sea Anchor ! ? i’m way way out of my league re Israel / Judaism - Palestine / Islamism

.. but my appreciations here are - PATTERNS - ‘Practices’ - Mainstream Media Behaviours - Yellow Journalism - Truths (if any or situational)

Your first .. oh 10 - 15 sentences sparked immediate - angry retort here over tea & coffee respectively..

I saw PATTERN in this - undeniable .. but unsurprising .. (love her dearly regardless .. she does tolerate my face plants & gaffes)

Perhaps you noted the ‘Zorbing’ Premise or Dissertation I referred to re Partisan Propaganda .. as PATTERN re Smallpox Deployment

vis a vis Contemporary Partisan - ‘Media Saturation Grooming’ as EVERY Propaganda Strategy Tactic Technique Tool is Deployed

plus NewMutations that present themselves & are ‘workshopped zealously’ to Enhance Transmission

(See our ‘Former Guy’ Stephen Harper - the Current globetrotting IDU President .. in case Trumpism does not suffice 🦎🏴‍☠️)

Militarily, I’m beyond highly informed & surprisingly knowledgeable re WAR.. in terms of BATTLE & It’s Logistics, though mere newt re ‘command levels’

But ‘hoo weee’ - When RELIGIONS - ReligioFactionalTribal - even FantasyFairyTale mindboggle Get Fed INCREASING DOSAGE variations of The RAPTURE

.. just look what gets trampled under The Herd Emotional Meltdown..

‘Seeing is Believing’ .. it’s said .. hmm .. Can ‘WE’ actually ‘Believe What We Are Seeing’ .. (ie being Told or Showed) ever again though ?

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This is perfect timing. We seem to think alike. I just finished my Op Ed for Wednesday's podcast on a very similar tack as this. I would also like to reference this as a required reading for anyone interested in recent world history outside of the US, if I may? I will just read the headline and a brief summary to push people to read this.

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Sounds great, go for it!

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