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May 11, 2023Liked by Nate Bear

I’ve arrived at similar conclusions

Capitalism is an inhumane system that rewards the inhumane with humane comforts by exploiting humane people and nature

The inhumane have almost always experienced comfort until COVID. So like children never told no, the inhumane aren’t mature enough nor have the life skills needed to handle experiencing the tiny short term discomforts necessary to create long-term collective comfort.

This is evident in the inhumane’s acceptance of fascist ideals & rejection of public health. Their desire for an imagined comfortable past has also killed trust endangering healthcare.

Examples of far right ideologies, are:

•Narrative of ‘freedom'

•Desire for an imagined comfortable past(1990s or 2019)

•Acceptance of mass death

•Acceptance rod eugenics

To name a few

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