I’m Nate/Nathan.

I’ve worked as a journalist, a pr/comms man for corporates, money funds, for non-profits, for climate orgs, for wildlife groups. I’ve lived and studied in England, the US and Spain.

My adult life has been a process of radicalisation. From a good liberal to something closer to revolutionary. Sitting in meetings with the mega rich and political decision makers, seeing up close the enduring power of capitalist business-as-usual and the primacy of financial profit over health, over life, over the habitability of planet Earth itself will do that. Then the pandemic struck. Millions sacrificed for brute capital.

With this iteration of civilisation in obvious and terminal decline where do we go from here and how do we get there? What are the possibilities for change? Is annihilation inevitable?

My writing tries its best to articulate where we are, what this moment means. I can’t promise any answers. Enjoy.

Nate Bear

(p.s. I am committed to keeping my writing free but appreciate all financial support so it can stay that way)

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